Raising Spending and Sending You the Bill



Even though hundreds of Islip residents showed up to protest their unprecedented 28% tax increase, Trish and Steve must not have been listening. Rather than living within their means the way our families do, Tax and Spend Trish and Steve decided to INCREASE SPENDING 12% THIS YEAR!  But hey, I guess their 28% tax hike will cover it right?  Wrong.  Their proposed budget not only recklessly increases spending, but it leaves a gaping hole in the deficit that will take millions of dollars in future tax increases to cover, leaving our families on the hook for their wasteful spending for years to come.  

The numbers don’t lie, check out their disastrous budgets at the Islip Town Website.  


Oh yeah, and have you seen the fancy new leather and mahogany wingback chairs the town board bought themselves for $665 EACH while they were raising your taxes 28%?  9 chairs, $5,986.  Maybe Tax and Spend Trish and Steve think it’s OK to spend $665 on a chair, but I think most people living in the real world know better than that.  Newsday caught them with their hand in the cookie jar yet again, check out the article below.


Islip officials buy new chairs funded by grant money

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