Trish Bergin and Steve Flotteron Raised Your Taxes 28%


  The very first opportunity Trish Bergin and Steve Flotteron had to raise your taxes, they brought out the big guns and slapped you with a staggering, historic 28% tax increase.  28% In One Year; SHATTERING Governor Cuomo’s 2% tax cap.  What else is there to say?  A 28% Tax Increase in ONE YEAR pretty […]

Suffolk DA and Ethics Board Investigate Charges Against Bergin and Flotteron


Trish and Steve have caught the attention of the Suffolk County District Attorney and the Islip Ethics Board over the past year (and not just because they raised taxes 28%).  In one year, Islip has been served Three Subpoenas, Trish has had Two Ethics complaints filed against her, and for good measure, they voted to […]

S&P Downgrades Islip Credit Outlook


Under Trish Bergin and Steve Flotteron, the Town of Islip has seen a historic one-year 28% tax increase, and unprecedented financial mismanagement, which this year resulted in an official rebuke from internationally respected, independent ratings agency Standard and Poors.  Read the article about it form Newsday below.   S&P lowers Islip Town credit rating outlook […]

Trish and Steve Attempt to Steal Supervisor’s Power


  Earlier this year, Trish Bergin and Steve Flotteron tried to steal power from Supervisor Tom Croci for themselves.  They must have missed the memo that the voters of Islip elected Mr. Croci to be the Supervisor, not them.  It was widely understood at the time that they were just following orders from their Political […]

Raising Spending and Sending You the Bill


  Even though hundreds of Islip residents showed up to protest their unprecedented 28% tax increase, Trish and Steve must not have been listening. Rather than living within their means the way our families do, Tax and Spend Trish and Steve decided to INCREASE SPENDING 12% THIS YEAR!  But hey, I guess their 28% tax […]

Unprecedented Millions in Reserve Funds Wasted


Trish and Steve have spent a combined 12 years at Town Hall collecting taxpayer salaries and benefits.  In their time at town hall, they have raided $165 million in reserve funds to hide their sky-high deficits.  In the two years since they gained total control over the budget, they have spent twice as much per […]

Steve Flotteron: Read My Lips

Steve Flotteron Explains that you shouldn’t do the things he’s done (and continues to do.)

Steve Flotteron Ungrateful for Taxpayer Salary

Steve Flotteron complains to a Tea Party group that he’s inexplicably losing money by working as a councilman – a job that has paid him over a half million dollars in salary over his tenure.

Steve Flotteron’s Broken Promises

Steve Flotteron promises not to use rainy day funds, and does exactly the opposite this year and last, while Tom Croci explains why exactly what Steve is doing is bad policy.