Childish Antics Take Center Stage


Over the past year, Newsday’s coverage of Trish Bergin and the Islip Town Board read more like a soap opera than news reporting.  After Trish and Steve’s incredible attempt to take Supervisor Tom Croci’s power for themselves, he rightly removed Trish from the Deputy Supervisor position.  Shortly thereafter, a late-night social media post from Trish Bergin’s husband let loose some candid remarks about his feelings about Supervisor Croci.  From Newsday,

“Hey all, I try not to get involved in my wife’s profession, but last night Tom Croci, Islip Supervisor, removed her from her post as Deputy Supervisor simply because she is trying to establish a better, more effective government for us residents.  Clearly his ego has gotten the better of him as he feels he can make better decisions behind closed doors.  Mind you this is a man who at 40 still lives at home and can’t choose what shirt to wear that his daddy lays on his bed each morning.  Anyway, please post on her page and Town of Islip page continued support if you feel she is doing a good job.  Thanks”



newsday Islip pol’s husband on Facebook: Croci has ‘ego’

Originally Published January 31st, 2013, Copyright Newsday

The husband of Islip Councilwoman Trish Bergin Weichbrodt, who was stripped of her role as deputy supervisor amid political infighting on the town board, has waded into the rift.

In a posting on Facebook late Wednesday, Randall C. Weichbrodt, an attorney with a practice in East Quogue, sharply criticized Islip Town Supervisor Tom Croci and asked supporters to rally around his wife. The posting, of which Newsday received a copy, was removed Thursday.

“Clearly his ego has gotten the better of him as he feels he can make better decisions behind closed doors,” the post said, along with more biting comments.

In a text message response to a request for comment, Bergin Weichbrodt said she was “unaware of my husband’s actions. It was immature and emotionally driven. I have apologized to Tom.”

She said her husband “will not be commenting.”

Croci declined to comment.

The Facebook post is the latest row in a power struggle among board members. The board Tuesday proposed a pair of resolutions that would transfer responsibility for hiring, firing and contract negotiations from the supervisor to the board. The move was unprecedented, political observers said, because four out of five council members, including Bergin Weichbrodt and Croci, are Republican.

Croci, who opposes what some have described as a power grab, asked Bergin Weichbrodt for her resignation following the meeting and appointed Linda Angello, the town’s director of labor relations, as his new deputy.

Councilman Steven J. Flotteron said he understood Weichbrodt wanting to stick up for his wife. “Your family members get upset for the person they love; sometimes you might strike out. I understand that,” Flotteron said. “But you know, we have to try to be civil.”

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